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Andrew Tasting Teas

Do you love tea but struggle to find speciality loose leaf teas and tea bags at a fair price?

Are you bored of supermarket teas that all taste the same?

Have you noticed that your flavoured teas don't taste as good as they smell?

Have you been conned into buying nylon pyramid tea bags on the promise that they taste better?

Do you have a question about tea and nobody's ever given you a clear answer?

I can help with all of these problems and more - whether you are a private customer or run a tea business.

I am a Tea Taster and Blender. I supply Trade and Personal customers DIRECT from my factory in Portsmouth, UK.

When I say direct, I mean direct. Telephone my office and you will come straight through to me or my colleagues. No matter how big or small your problem seems to you, we will help. We won't fob you off with a call-waiting system, or tell you to order online.

ANDREW GADSDEN, Saviour of Tea

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